Dive Sites

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MV Rozi Wreck – max depth 34m, advanced
A 35m long tug boat, scuttled in Cirkewwa in 1992

P29 wreck – max depth 34m, advanced
A 52m long German patrol boat (Boltenhagen), scuttled in Cirkewwa in 2007

Cirkewwa Arch – avg depth 15-20m, open water
A beautiful natural wonder, located in Cirkewwa

X127 / Coralita – max depth 22m, open water
A British water lighter from WWII, sunk in 1942 off Manoel Island, lies on a slope allowing divers of every level to enjoy this historical wreck

Fortizza Reef and Tunnels – max depth 15m, open water
A shallow dive full of tunnels, caves, arches and marine life

Tug 2 – avg depth 18-23m, open water
Malta’s youngest wreck! A 30m long tugboat scuttled in 2013 for divers, lies off of Exiles Reef

Um El Faroud – max depth 36m, advanced
110m long, 10,000 ton former Libyan oil tanker, was scuttled in 1998 in Zurrieq

SS Margit – max depth 24m, advanced
A former 100m passenger boat that sunk in 1941, it is broken up and lies in Kalkara creek

HMS Maori – max depth 16m, open water
A WWII British destroyer that sunk in 1942. The wreck is partially buried in the waters of Valletta

Anchor Bay – max depth 12m, open water
A varied dive site with large boulders, marine life and Scorpion Cave, a large and shallow cavern

MV Xlendi – max depth 40m, advanced
The Xlendi is a 100m former passenger ferry, scuttled for divers in 1999. The Xlendi lies upside down

MV Karwela – max depth 40m, advanced
A 50m long former passenger ferry, was scuttled in 2006 for divers

MV Cominoland – max depth 40m, advanced
Cominoland was a 40m long tourist cruise ship, scuttled in 2006 for divers

Blue Hole – max depth 25m, advanced
Gozo’s famous natural blue hole provides incredible diversity for marine life and gives access to the coral gardens, and azure window

Inland Sea – avg depth 18-30m, advanced
The Inland sea is a very unique dive sites featuring an 80m long tunnel connecting the inland sea to the Mediterranean Sea

Mgarr ix-Xini – max depth 14m, open water
One of Gozoˋs prettiest beaches, this dive offers various marine life as well as two caves suitable for every level!